Wednesday, July 19, 2017

QCAR: Gender...Concluded!

Wrapping up a discussion on "transgenderism" in the Church!


  1. Alex M. Wainer Jr.July 20, 2017 at 4:48 PM

    I enjoyed your part 2 on gender. What was the Carl Truman FT article you referenced? Also, I understand that the ACNA of which I believe you both are a part, includes those who accept women as priests. If this is correct, does this make for rather awkward or uncomfortable interaction with those members?

    1. Thank you for listening and commenting, Alex! The link to the article was posted on our Facebook page (, and is also right here:

      The two of us serve in the Diocese of Quincy, which does not ordain women to the priesthood (along with Fort Worth, San Joaquin, the Missionary Diocese of All Saints, the Diocese of the South, and the REC). So we are not "alone" as it were.

      As far as being awkward or uncomfortable, it is rather quite the opposite - most who embrace the innovation are just uncomfortable around us! We merely stand for and present the faith, doctrine, and practice of the Undivided Church. We stand on the Apostles' teachings and that of the Fathers.

      Thank you so much for listening! Please keep coming back, and please tell your friends!

      For Christ and His Church,
      Fr. Tom and Fr. Don



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