Saturday, October 14, 2017

Anglican to Orthodox - Part Two: A chat with two priests...

We chatted with Fr. Matthew Joyner and Fr. Samuel Seamans about Orthodoxy!

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  1. Interesting. As "Orthodox" Christians, very familiar with the ACNA "liturgy." So what's "holding us back" from ALL uniting within the body of Christ?
    "Women's ordination!!" That we can't rely on "The True Faith Once Delivered?"
    My bride, who is my true "partner" on this plain, looks at it in this way. "We all have something different to give - all important - but different. That's why he created man and woman."
    I was brought up that the father was "the spiritual head of the church." It's a responsibility I've always taken seriously as have, I'm proud to say, all three of my brothers.
    In short, we've accepted our roles in this world as God-given and blessed.



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