Our flagship (and self-titled) series!  Father Tom Janikowski and Father Don Sackett come to you mid-day every Wednesday with a variety of topics, usually pushing the envelopes of political correctness, worldly comfort, and odd humor.

For All the Saints
This is just what it sounds like - a brief look every Friday morning at the lives of some of the saints of the church, some well-known and some less-known.  Hosted by Fr. Tom and Fr. Don.

Upon the Rock
In his tenth year of podcasting homilies, Father Tom Janikowski shares with you his words from Sunday morning at Trinity Anglican Church in Rock Island, Illinois.

From the Lion's Mouth
Homilies from Father Don Sackett, recorded on Sunday mornings at St. Mark's Anglican Church in Silvis, Illinois, and usually released sometime on Sunday night.  Or Monday morning. Or Monday afternoon...depending on how well the producer is recovering from Sunday...

Equipping the Saints
Homilies from Father Eric Vowles, recorded Sunday mornings at All Saints Anglican Church in Weatherford, Texas, and also usually released sometime on Monday.

The Southern Cross
Homilies from Father James Guill, recorded Sunday mornings at St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and also usually released sometime on Monday.

Thy Table in Our Hearts
Shelly Janikowski shares a little bit of her Sunday school lesson each week - perfectly suited for families to share during the week - especially around the dinner table!

Walking Out Our Faith
Paulette Sackett and Shelly Janikowski bring their experiences as working professionals and clergy wives into their discussions of Holy Scripture.  This podcast with a uniquely feminine perspective is usually released early on Friday mornings.

Pages of Antiquity
Mr. Erik Palm of St. Mark's Anglican Church in Silvis, Illinois shares some of the readings from Holy Scripture and the Church Fathers found in Breviary Matins for Sunday.  The show is released on the Saturday morning preceding the particular Sunday.

Why Do You Ask?

Every Tuesday evening Father Tom and Father Deacon Jason Bowden tackle issues of interest to the unchurched, the dechurched, the questioning, and the returning.  Do you have basic questions about the Faith?  Why do you ask?

Special Episodes
Join us from time to time as we sit down with special guests to our studio!

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