Wednesday, November 16, 2016

QCAR: Immersion - in Culture or in Christ? (The Conclusion!)


  1. Almighty God, creator of all, I give thanks for your blessings in qcaradio. I particularly enjoy the teachings of Father Don, being a life long follower. Father Tom, you are a close second (lol). I have enjoyed and found your last two sessions on immersion valuable. You spoke about the easily recognizable ones, alcohol, porn, gambling to the point of addiction, and total absent of God. I liked that you talked about immersions we take for granted, such as sports, tv, video games, the list is huge. The bottom line I take is away from your teaching is I should strive for a healthy balance always placing our Lord and saviour at the head. By the way Mom says 'hi'.

  2. Brotherly(?) Ribbing is what makes life exciting. Glad to know the family listens to Quad Cities Anglican Radio. Say hi to Mom for me. Fr. Don



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